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  • Botanical Name :    Oriza Sativa
  • English Name :    Rice
  • Hindi Name :    Chaval
  • Other Name :    Rice
  • Family Name :    Gramineae
Rice is originating from south Asia. Then after it spread all around world and put its impression as a staple food for people. In global around 65% eat rice so that’s way we assuming popularity of rice. India is first in rice production in world. There are mainly three kind of rice produced in India which differ from each other from its amylase content.
  • Indica:                  which contain high in amylase and cooking to fluffy grains.
  • Japonica:              which contain low in amylase and cooking to sticky masses.
  • Javanica:               which contain medium in amylase and stickiness.
Rice is further divide in long, medium and small grains which are eaten by people of different geographic places.

WE are dealing below products of Rice
  •       Gujarat-17 (colam)
  •         Krishna kamod
Our strength

Our rice is very best in quality. They have unique smell which makes them differ from any other rice. We are directly purchase rice from farmer who use good quality seed for growing and very well knowledge about rice farming.  So we got quality product of rice to give our buyer.


Rice is staple food for human being. Cooking of rice is most popular way of eating.