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  • Botanical Name :    Allium Sativum
  • English Name :    Garlic
  • Hindi Name :    Lahasun
  • Other Name :    Garlic
  • Family Name :    Alliaceae
Garlic is historical crop in world. Garlic origin is assumed in central Asia. It is spices products and well known for its herbal uses. Indian garlic production in world is very huge quantity. Garlic known by various names in which some are alho, knoblauch, toi, bawang, poondoo, ail, aglio, katiem, thum, knoflook, lasun, chesnok, gratiem, sarmisak, and lehsun. Garlic is hardly globular annual spices products which is useful in various food products and herbal products.

Our strength

Indian garlic is famous for its aroma with sweetness. Gujarat is produced more garlic in India so we have wide range of garlic.


Mainly uses of garlic in prepare various kind of food products beside it is useful in make herbal products. Most of countries use garlic in their food products. Garlic is taken as pickles and as important ingredient vinegar.