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cotton Seed

Cotton Seed

Cotton Seed
  • Botanical Name :    Gossypium Spp.
  • English Name :    Cotton Seed
  • Hindi Name :    Binaula
  • Other Name :    Kapasiya
  • Family Name :    Malvaceae

Cotton has been growing from many decades ago. It’s more important crop and it has its own important.  Cotton seed is removing from raw cotton after ginning process. Cotton seed has its own kingdom in globe for usefulness for various purposes. Cotton seed is occupied around 65% in raw cotton so it is widely available in much cotton growing country.

Our products in cotton seed

We are mainly dealing in shanker-6 and Kalyani types of cotton seed.

Our strength

We have our own farm for cotton grown so special attention give for our cotton products. Also our parental business is agriculture so we have wide experience related to this crop. this way our products quality is more healthy because we know crop protection method and grow good crop.

Use of cotton seed

Cotton seed has wide range of uses. Especially it is useful for extract oil from it. Cotton seed oil is edible for human consumption purpose and more tasty and scientifically more effectively. Cotton seed is rich in protein so it is useful as a feed for animal.